If You Voted For President Obama, You Are Not A Christian

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson @ OnCentral.org

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson @ OnCentral.org

If you voted for President Obama, you are not a Christian according to the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson who heads the Brotherhood Organization Of A New Density. He made the statement during a radio interview on December 12, 2012 on Redding News Review The Show, which is hosted by Rob Redding.

Redding interviewed Peterson about his belief that blacks are now fully invested in this huge boondoggle of President Obama being “the messiah.” All of this is based on a joke that was told by actor/comedian Jamie Foxx who said: “Thank God, our Lord and savior, Barack Obama,” during the most recent Soul Train Awards.

Now, the audience laughed and cheered like most audiences do at such satirical displays, but apparently Peterson was not amused and took Foxx’s words, remarking, “95 percent of black Americans worship him (President Obama) as if he’s the messiah—why?” Peterson described Obama as “the most divisive man to ever occupy the White House,” even suggesting that black people would have been better off supporting a decent man like Herman Cain instead. He then proceeded to attack First Lady Michelle Obama by referring to her as “Big Momma Michelle Obama,” accusing her of pushing a deceptive diet plan on the public while she privately eats like a ravenous animal.

So as the show went on, Redding opened the phone lines and allowed callers to challenge Peterson, and many of them did. As multiple callers went after Peterson’s propaganda, his one and only defense was that anyone who voted for “the messiah,” President Obama, is not a Christian, because Obama supports gay marriage and abortion through his political views.

So, on a serious note, let’s examine this. Point number one; politics and religion are two totally different things and if your vote in a presidential election is going to be the deciding factor – or even one of the deciding factors – in your afterlife trail, then you might as well not vote at all because there are no clean politicians.

Point number two; does this apply to mayors and governors too, because the ungodly corruption does not stop at the end of the driveway of the White House or at the doorsteps of Congress? Is God really going to pull up your voting records at the pearly gates? Seriously, if your presidential vote is enough to damn you to the pits of Hell, we’re all doomed!

Point number three; President Obama is certainly not the first or the only president who has ever held what some will consider to be anti-Christian views. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other presidents owned slaves. But, more importantly, how many lives were snuffed out based on the political views of such presidents as Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, George W. Bush, Washington, Jefferson and others?

Point number four; then there is Abraham Lincoln, who oversaw the deaths of thousands during the Civil War based on political views. If God can’t handle abortion or gay marriage, then atrocities like the Civil War must be completely unbearable. For that matter, Harry S. Truman watched the atomic bomb drop on Japan destroying countless lives. Maybe Peterson should question how Christians voted for some of these presidents.

And point number five; let’s take the predicament of Abraham Lincoln regarding the issue of slavery. Which vote would have been more Christian? Would it have been to vote for the Lincoln that decided not to go to war with the Confederacy because he didn’t want to neglect Christian values, the same Lincoln who looked the other way as slavery continued on possibly for another 100 years, at the neglect of true Christian values?

Or, would it have been to vote for the Lincoln that decided to wage the Civil War despite the horrid consequences of such an action to finally end the issue of human slavery in America? Which vote would a true Christian make based on that scenario? Either way injustices were going to be inflicted and lives were going to be decimated.

Maybe Rev. Peterson can answer that question. But just in case he can’t answer it, consider this. If Lincoln hadn’t decided to do what was necessary to preserve the Union and not the Bible, Peterson might still be in the cotton fields with me. This is why politics and religion rarely ever see eye to eye, and ignoring that reality is a mistake that people have been doomed to repeat since day one.

Peterson’s words are nothing more than the baseless smoke of a fear mongering, self-hating, ignorance connoisseur. If so-called Christians can listen to his compost and still make into Heaven, these so-called Christians should be able to vote for President Obama and still get in as well, and that’s not because he is “the messiah.” It’s because he is an effective politician.