Ann Coulter Attacks Latinos, Ignores Reality

The Cheech & Chong reality… @ MediaBistro

Ann Coulter wants to sell more of her books, so she attacked the Latino population on her website. In her column, titled AMERICA NEARS EL TIPPING POINTO, Coulter paints a picture of a lazy “underclass” of Hispanics who are looking for handouts. Her intention is to paint Hispanics as welfare-loving, entitlement-greedy Democratic voters. Her message to the Republican Party is that Hispanics aren’t white and therefore don’t vote Republican. She provides no solution to this “problem” other than to point out what she perceives as the negative impact of Latinos in American culture.

Coulter claims Hispanic immigrants are unskilled and pouring into our country looking for free stuff.

“…That’s a lot of government dependents coming down the pike. No amount of ‘reaching out’ to the Hispanic community, effective ‘messaging’ or Reagan’s ‘optimism’ is going to turn Mexico’s underclass into Republicans.”

“Rather than being more hardworking than Americans, Hispanics actually work about the same as others, or, in the case of Hispanic women, less.”

In direct contrast to Coulter’s unfounded allegations, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities released a study this year reporting that Latinos receive “less than their proportionate share” of benefits than non-Hispanic whites:

“Also, contrary to what a substantial share of Americans may assume, non-Hispanic whites receive slightly more than their proportionate share of entitlement benefits. Non-Hispanic whites accounted for 64 percent of the population in 2010 and received 69 percent of the entitlement benefits. In contrast, Hispanics made up 16 percent of the population but received 12 percent of the benefits, less than their proportionate share — likely because they are a younger population and also because immigrants, including many legal immigrants, are ineligible for various benefits. Non-Hispanic African Americans account for 12 percent of the population and received 14 percent of the benefits.”

Coulter portrays brown people as bad for conservatism because they drain the economy. She neglects to acknowledge that Hispanics are hardworking, entrepreneurial people and have been leaders in creating successful businesses. She enforces the negative and stereotypical characterization of lazy Latinos who immigrate to the U.S., don’t want to work and prefer to live like Cheech and Chong.

Muy patético Ms Coulter, muy patético!

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