Tinfoil Hat Alert! FEMA Camps Still Don’t Exist (VIDEO)

Claimed “FEMA Camp” locations

A popular conspiracy theory for the easily fooled or for fans of the Deus Ex video game series, is that the Federal Emergency Management Agency is in fact a shadow government, getting ready to swoop in and gather up dissidents and put them into concentration camps. The most extreme examples of this conspiracy theory even claim that these camps already exist, and give detailed maps, such as the one above. On the map, one will find reported locations of facilities developed to contain dissidents. The reported cause for this roundup? Most often, when the North American Union, where Canada and Mexico merge with the United States, is announced, a grand uprising would spring up, and these camps are designed to contain those protesters for use as slave labor under the new supra-national governing body. This of course is rubbish, and any historical discussion will find that in fact the path to integration is not the surrendering of US sovereignty, but instead the democratic annexation of Canada and Mexico, adding dozens of new states to the union. The failure to grasp this is that those who fear change do not understand what the Federal government is in the first place.

But what about the camps themselves? These accusations come with specific locations, detailed map coördinates, to check against. However, when one checks on these locations, you will not find any camps at all.

Let us take one state, the author’s home of Washington. There are reported to be four camps in Washington State:

  • The “Fully functional transfer center” for Sea-Tac Airport, when you check the provided coordinates, turns out to be the Tacoma School of the Arts. Apparently the transfer process requires advanced ballet techniques.
  • Northern Washington supposedly holds a “massive concentration camp capable of holding hundreds of thousands of people for slave labor” but checking on the location finds an undeveloped area of land east of Doheny Lake, a fishing spot featuring Bass, Crappie and Walleye. It is found just off Fish Lake Road. If you check Google street view, you can see this “camp” for yourself:

  • Sand Point Naval Station in Seattle is next on the list. The problem here is that Sand Point was retired in 1970, and converted to Magnuson Park. The author has been to Magnuson Park many times, finding it a beautiful place to take a morning jog or a picnic with the family. Magnuson Park is also notable for being adjacent to the inspiration for the band Sound Garden, and lacks any kind of internment camp facilities:
  • At Ft. Lewis / McChord Air Force Base north of Tacoma, the claim is that it is a facility to handle slave labor. Due to this being an active military base, one cannot stroll in to check, but even a casual check on the Google Maps satellite view shows the specific location cited within the massive facility being a parking lot.

So we have an art school, a fishing lake, a jogging park, and a parking lot, all claimed FEMA camps by the conspiracy crowd. But even with this, some will continue to claim these locations being sites for the processing and internment of dissidents once the North American Union is announced, any day now.