Germany Motivated By ‘Erotic Zoos’ To Reinstate Bestiality Laws

Germany hasn’t had laws against bestiality since 1969, but that all might be about to change after animal rights activists have put pressure on the government because of so-called “erotic zoos.”

The Daily Telegraph reports,

Newspaper die Tageszeitung reports that the governing coalition are soon to amend the country’s Animal Welfare Act to make sex with animals punishable with a fine of up to 25,000 euros ($31,000).

Bestiality was legalised in Germany in 1969, the same year that gay sex was also removed from the criminal code. After that, sex with animals was only punishable if the animal was severely injured.

Well, that’s good news at least. No more animals getting raped! Apparently sex with animals isn’t so rare in Germany as you’d expect, however, as seen on Huffington Post:

The group Veterinarians Against Zoophilia told Europe Online Magazine that thousands of Germans exchange information online about sex with animals and that some farms rent out animals for sexual exploitation.

The new law would ban these so-called “animal brothels” and also make it illegal to train animals for sex with humans.

In fact, many “zoophiles” draw a firm distinction between bestiality and zoophilia. Zoophilia is the desire to have sexual relationships with animals, while bestiality is the sex act alone. I suppose it’s sort of the distinction between a romantic relationship and a “this doesn’t mean anything” relationship with humans, but it’s hard to tell because there doesn’t seem to be any general consensus (and oh, yes, the research for this article was tons of fun. Not).

And in Germany, the proposed law has drawn the ire of zoophiles; lobbyist Michael Kiok told the German newspaper that there are more than 100,000 zoophiles living in Germany, and that “mere morals have no place in law.” He also stated that if the law passes he’ll be scared of his dog getting taken away.

Laws against sex with animals can be based on a simple concept: all sex must be consensual, and animals can’t give consent. If you’re attracted to animals, I would personally suggest a psychiatrist (I’m being serious, not making jokes).

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