Update On Arizona Countdown

The vote count in Arizona continues, under the watchful eyes of at least a dozen activist groups and the rest of the nation. The races especially at risk, in terms of a possible undercounting of ballots, are for Sheriff of Maricopa County, the state’s 2nd Congressional District (Tucson metropolitan area) where Democrat Ron Barber holds a very narrow lead, and the Senate seat contest between Republican Jeff Flake and Democrat Richard Carmona. Yesterday, the seat for the new Congressional District 9, encompassing much of the Phoenix area, was finally decided for Democrat Kyrsten Sinema.

Although Sheriff Joe Arpaio has already decided he’s the winner, this update on the sheriff’s race was released on Facebook by activist¬†Randy Parraz, President of Citizens For A Better Arizona (CBA):

“Arpaio Update: Since election night when Arpaio claimed a landslide victory, his margin of alleged victory has dropped from 53% to 51% with still tens of thousands of ballots to be counted. The total anti-Arpaio vote has now exceeded 48% and should exceed 50% by the time all votes are counted.”

While problems persist throughout Arizona with getting early and provisional ballots counted, the biggest area of concern is with Maricopa County (Phoenix metropolitan area), where over 300,000 votes remained to be counted as of Tuesday morning. Legally, the deadline for completing the count is Friday, November 16th.

The activist groups of Citizens for A Better Arizona, One Arizona Coalition, Mi Familia Vota, UniteHere, Progressive Democrats of America, and several others are participating in a week of daily actions to be held outside of both the County Recorder’s Office, containing the Elections Department, and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, protestors will present stories of voter suppression while pressuring county officials to validate provisional ballots and complete the count. The ballots in question are partly a result of a huge effort to turn out the Latino vote in the state.

The culmination of the protests will occur on Thursday as these organizations urge citizens to turn out for a final rally, highlighting Arizona’s egregious shortcomings in this election. ¬†All of Arizona’s election results can be seen here.

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