4 More Years! President Obama Wins Re-Election, Real Work Begins


Obama Wins: Don't F#@&@ with a community organizer!

Photo meme by Wendy Gittleson for Addicting Info.

President Obama has been re-elected! With Ohio reporting, President Obama now has enough electoral college votes to secure re-election.

I’d like to say that I think the next four years will be full of cooperation, but since we have an entire party dedicated to making sure our President fails, I doubt that will happen. Now is not the time to stop paying attention to politics. We hope that all of you will continue to remain vigilant over the next two years. If the GOP refuses to work with our President, then we need to vote him in a congress that will.

Many people expected President Obama to change the country when he took office, but too many people stopped supporting him after the election. This time, let’s make sure that we’re aware of what legislation the president is attempting to pass, and who is blocking it. The next midterms are in 2014: That will be our last chance to give the President a congress that will work with him, so let’s make sure that we do.

Politics don’t end after the presidential election, and if you really care about changing this country, you’ll continue to take interest in them.

Tonight was a big night for Democrats. Elizabeth Warren defeated Scott Brown and Claire McCaskill defeated Todd Akin. Overall, the Democrats will gain seats in the Senate.