Obama, Christie Tour Devastation, Show True Bipartisan Leadership

President Obama suspended his campaigning to tour some devastated areas in New Jersey today. He was respectfully received by the Governor of New Jersey, who gave a welcome that was indeed a stark contrast to the nasty and divisive welcome the President received in the finger pointing episode meted out by Gov. Jan Brewer a short time ago.

The tour went off without any hitches; Gov. Christie was appreciative and even praised the President’s ongoing concern and swift action to ensure the Governor had the full weight of the Federal  response at his disposal.

Governor Christie said that since the weekend, he was constantly connected to the President, having spoken to him more than six times prior to this tour today.

ABC News writes,

President Obama surveyed the devastation wreaked by the superstorm Sandy today with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in what both men said was a non-political event. But it was a powerful image of bipartisan cooperation just six days before the election.

Following a helicopter tour of the state’s battered shoreline, Obama expressed his sympathies and promised the full weight of his office and the federal government in providing aid. We are here for you, and we will not forget,” Obama said. “We will follow up to make sure you get all the help you need until you rebuild.”

Obama was accompanied on the tour by Christie, a vocal supporter of Obama’s challenger, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. However, Christie has praised the president for his oversight of federal emergency efforts. Christie again thanked the president today, saying the two men had a “great working relationship” and that the president “sprung into action immediately.”

President Obama also said that he had instructed his staff to observe a fifteen minute response time to returning phone calls, in an effort to keep a timely momentum to the ongoing recovery. This bipartisan cooperation is quite encouraging, and shows the potential for unlimited cooperation; the only obstruction in the country’s future would come in the form of another Republican plan to undermine the President’s efforts.

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