BREAKING NEWS: Obama ‘Birth Video’ Hatched By Romanian Cotton Merchant (VIDEO)

In yet another sewer-dive of the bar under which “birthers” slither in their limbo of lunacy, an anonymous Romanian cotton merchant living in the U.S., who will only identify himself as “Peter R.,” contacted the website last week with what he purports is the authentic “birth video” of Barack Obama. Supposedly shot in Kenya by Obama’s father, the video landed in his hands as explained:

An associate from Africa contacted me and said that he had a VHS transfer of the original Super-8 film. I know him from my business trips and he decided to just give me this thing. He said it’s something he got from Obama’s father, a family friend, in the 60s and he’s kept it under wraps ever since Obama entered politics. Up until then, only my friend, his sister, and Obama’s immediately family had seen it—and now myself and the world. has posted a rather cynical piece on this supposed bombshell, asking some pertinent questions of the dubious Mr. R., expressing their take as only:

The whole thing sounds fucking bananas; that’s our official comment on the entire situation so don’t ask us anything more about it, please. We just thought you should know about it is all, whether or not it’s total bullshit.

In the interview with that follows that declaration, the entrepreneurial Peter R. claims to be neutral on the subject of Obama (“I’ve got nothing against him. What’s the big deal if he was born in Kenya?”), but has made it his immediate business to contact both the White House (not surprisingly, no mention of hearing back) and, more importantly, Donald Trump:

I’ve been contacting several of Trump’s associates, and I’m about to hopefully meet some of them either in a parking lot, or even in the lobby, and just take cash for it. I sent Trump only a single frame of the video, but since I haven’t heard back I have released this short clip in an attempt to get him to respond.

Is it possible even Trump has a low? Hard to believe, but it appears even the anti-Obama media hog didn’t want to flog this one. That alone should emphasize its fraudulence.

While, like, I’ll leave it to you to make your own judgment about the video’s authenticity, I have to express my incredulousness at the level of stupidity and crass, obvious duplicity involved. The woman “playing” Ann Durham (Obama’s mother), looks nothing like the real woman, and the “newborn Obama” appears to be several months old, likely closer to a one-year-old. On that point, when asked by a dubious about the sheer size of the baby, Peter R.’s hilarious response was:

Babies are born heavy all the time; I see no issue with that. And I assure you, most of the general public has no idea how big infants are in Kenya. [ …] You might think the US is a fat society, but in Kenya they are born big and then they become light. Which is evidenced by the fact that today, Obama is really light and fit. That’s just the way it is.

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.

Some of the comments under the piece offer eye-rolling disclaimers regarding the obvious anachronisms at work and are worth a read; from here I’ll leave it to you to decide. But, as Ludacris would say: “How low can you go?”

Here’s the video:

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