World Overwhelmingly Rejects Romney And Favors Obama In BBC Poll

Poll of 21 nations clearly discredits Romney claims that Obama has weakened America’s standing in the world

In a newly released survey of nearly 28,000 people in 21 countries—published by the BBC—President Obama is heavily favored in the U.S. Presidential Election by a 50% to 9% margin! French citizens favored the President by the widest margin with 72% indicating a preference for Obama, while the only nation where Republican challenger Mitt Romney scored a narrow victory among those polled, was…wait for it….Pakistan.

Could it be that Obama’s popularity there suffers from our drone strikes targeting the Taliban held tribal regions or as residual sentiment over Obama’s successful raid to take out Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad last year? Does everyone remember all the heat the President took in 2008, when he alone vowed to bring Bin Laden to justice if found in Pakistan, ‘with or without their support?’

Bar graph

As the heated 2012 Presidential Campaign enters the final two-week home stretch, it is noteworthy that after last night’s third and final presidential debate on foreign policy, Obama’s reputation as the leader of the free world is held in such high and widespread esteem. Especially given the weak performance of Mitt Romney, Monday in Boca Raton, Florida.

Mitt vacillated mightily from his previous standard stump speeches and avowed policies of a much more aggressive, jingoistic approach to foreign policy and national defense issues, as influenced by 17 of his 24 foreign policy advisors who are Neo-cons associated with the Bush/Cheney misadventure in Iraq.

Of course foreign polls have little if any impact on American electoral politics; especially since the far-right and their propaganda ministry (Fox News) routinely approaches foreign opinion—and Europeans in particular—with open disdain, roundly castigating the President–since his election–as leading America down the path to ‘Europen-style Socialism.’ What is striking about the poll, however, is that it clearly discredits what Romney has been claiming for months—most recently in the final debate—accusing the President of weakening America’s standing in the world!


Meanwhile, as final campaign polls swing wildly back and forth, and more and more public attention is focused on the various Electoral College and popular vote scenarios; you too can become involved in the electoral prognostication game. Here is a link to, which offers a very interesting and fun Interactive Electoral Map, where you can make and share your very own election predictions…simply by clicking on each state, turning it Blue or Red, assigning it to either President Obama or Mitt Romney. Then watch the electoral vote totals change automatically toward that magic 270 Electoral Vote threshold. Enjoy and…more importantly…VOTE!

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