With Rupert Murdoch Circling For Purchase, The Los Angeles Times Endorses Barack Obama

With the controversial founder of the Fox News Channel, Rupert Murdoch, eyeing the ailing Los Angeles Times as a potential purchase, the venerable West Coast newspaper defiantly retains its progressive brand with an endorsement today of Barack Obama for President.

In an article led by the statement: “The nation has been well served by President Obama’s steady leadership. And Mitt Romney has demonstrated clearly that he’s the wrong choice,” the Times declares unequivocally:

 The nation has been well served by President Obama’s steady leadership. He deserves a second term. His record is by no means perfect. His expansive use of executive power is troubling, as is his continuation of some of the indefensible national security policies of the George W. Bush administration. This page has faulted him for not pushing harder for a comprehensive overhaul of immigration laws. Obama swept into office as a transformative figure, but the expectations built up by the long campaign thudded back to earth amid an unexpectedly steep recession and hyperbolic opposition from the right. That the GOP has sought to block his agenda wherever possible is undeniable, but truly great leaders find ways to bring opposing factions together when the times demand it; Obama has not yet been able to do so.

Los Angeles has a long history as a Democratic stronghold and the LA Times endorsement is not necessarily a surprise, but with Murdoch hovering around the corner with a checkbook and his conservative principles in hand, one has to wonder just how progressive the Times will remain should it come under the leadership of this outspoken and Hard Right global media tycoon.

For now, its continuing influence as the newspaper of record for the second largest city in the country makes this endorsement a powerful feather in cap of the Obama campaign.