GOP Contractor Arrested And Charged With Voting Fraud In Virginia

If this many Republicans have been CAUGHT committing voting fraud, imagine what else they are getting away with.

Yesterday evening, sheriff’s deputies in Rockingham County, Virginia arrested Colin Small, 31, and charged him with destruction of voter registration application, obstruction of justice, and disclosure of voter registration application, according to out of Harrisonburg, Virginia. Small worked for a contractor named Pinpoint, which was hired by the Republican Party of Virginia to do voter registration.

The arrest follows an investigation that began on October 15th, after a citizen reported seeing voter registration application forms in a dumpster. This is still an active and ongoing criminal investigation.

For those who have been paying attention to the GOP’s widespread voter suppression efforts, you’ll remember that late last month Strategic Allied Consulting’s Nathan Sproul was caught dropping of forged voter registration forms in Florida. Sproul has been accused of voter fraud in previous elections, and was paid $3 million by the Republican National Committee to “do his thing” again this election cycle.

That’s not all, not by a long shot; recent news has also covered intimidation billboards, multiple big CEOs who’ve made firing threats if Obama is reelected, purging of qualified voters, and the Romney family’s investments in voting machines in the swing state of Ohio.

If you see vote fraud taking place, please follow these steps immediately while still at the location:

  1. Contact your local Police and give them the details.
  2. Take pictures or record the incident with your cell phone.
  3. Contact your County/City Elections Clerk. Poll workers/observers will have contact information inside the voting location.
  4. Contact your Secretary of State.
  5. Contact your State Attorney General or local State’s Attorney.

And, most importantly, get out and vote!


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