Right Wing Rage! Debate Reactions From Conservatives

Mitt won! He won, I tell you! Goddammit, he WON!!! Fox said so!

Just for spits and giggles, I headed over to a few right wing Facebook pages to see just how pissed off and/or delusional conservatives were about the second presidential debate.


I separated the responses into three categories: “Angry” for the people who cursed and screamed about Obama and moderator Candy Crowley (when you’re losing, blame the ref). “Bigoted” for the conservatives that let their true selves shine through and “Clueless” for the people who really, honestly and hilariously have NO idea what they are talking about.


Luke Ryan If there is an attack on the second amendment I guarantee there will be civil war.

Hector Vazquez Impeach Obama!!!

Tommy Wharton OBAMA sucks, plain and simple, he proves it daily as he fucks this nation up and we lost many lifes with him at the helm

Bob Luna P.S Obama is a PUSSY!!!!

Norman N Hendrickson Obama is a lying POS.

Wayne Silman Candy is a fat pig Socialist.

Vickie Barnett Why are women being used as commentators? Are there not men who can fulfill this position? Crowley’s menopausal was showing.

Barbara Beyer I call for a resignation from DANDY CANDY. She took her dandy kit to the debate and shot her mouth off so she could take the spotlight away from the REAL ISSUES. HAVE YOU NO SHAME CROWLEY????

Kieran O’Hagan Fugly libtard shill.

Hunter McGee just another fat worthless media hack


Sebastian HengeholdHey you zoo loving obama lovers..go away..go back to your queer Chris Matthews and Cooper Anderson..your puppet is losing and will lose this election..and i hope you 47% suffer

Alan Galgoci FACT CHECK: Now matter what, Obama has the Black, Mexican, other minority, wannabe gangsters, white people who think its cool to be black, and people who are jealous of a Rich white man, votes.. If you are a true American and want to see this country prosper again, you know who to vote for

Luvlee Kuh Romney wants poor people to work not just rely on food stamps until they die. Some people hate it coz they are lazyyyyyy.

Patricia Chau Nguyen Hey at least this white man held a real job what job did that black man ever held stupid ppl playing that stupid race card lol

Joey Lawson If Mitt Romney gets elected he needs to make this negro and his posie pay

Herb Merritt he got back into a corner like a big black snake!!

Erica Daniels FIRST OF ALL… the black guy was whining and acting as though he voted for obama so that his life would somehow… nevwrmind that he wasnt clear on exactly what he needed to make him happy. Obama touched on everything the dude probably missed. If anything hes the male version of what republicans use to accuse black women of doing… seeking entitlements.

Warner Mobley ah, Shelia, black shits black. Lynching is too good for shia muslim hussein obama

Mark Sandberg Why do blacks want hand outs?


Ernest D. Houle News alert today says he is a Muslim and lies about his christian belief because his Muslim faith says to lie. He is also in the White House because Saudi Kings were caught saying they would have someone in the White House by 2008. Here you go folks! Do you really want to gamble you and your children future with a known Muslim backed by Saudi Kings agenda?

Cody Whut Romney’s five point plan sounds amazing.And Championing small business? Thats what we need. We never would have gotten this far without small business.

Sean Somers Obama told nothing but lies! He hates the 2nd Amendment – said he did. Lied about Libya – wont answer anything on it. Tax cut already done for middle class – taxes increased instead. Lied about the GM, Ford and such not doing any better – says they are. I can go on and on about his lies, but don’t have enough time do type them all out.

Samuel Engelman Its going to be interesting if the Democrats win again, appoint some new supreme court justices, then finally have the power to come after the second amendment, that coupled with trying to make red states pay for blue states economic stupidity…do you dems really believe the red states are going to let you impose all your “progressive” ideologies nationwide? Haha…good luck.

Joy Brown i dunno bout this whole landslide for romney cause obama is doing all he can do to win giving away free phones getting people to vote by phone etc so cheaters usally win

There’s going to be a whole lot of angry conservatives come November 7. I can’t wait!

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