Now Koch Industries Threatening Employees If Obama Wins Re-Election

After the damage caused to previous companies where the executives threatened firings or pay cuts should the president win re-election, one might think that other companies might wise up. Koch Industries, however, is not just any other company. Founded by Fred Koch, who also was a founding member of the John Birch Society, Koch Industries is famous for its association with fringe fanatical organizations and ultra-right-wing ideologies.

On October 1st, company President and COO Dave Robinson sent a packet to all 50,000 employees of the company. Inside of the packet was a memo along with a voting guide for Koch-approved candidates in the particular employees district. The voting guide, leaked earlier this month, is for the state of Oregon. Other pieces included an anti-Obama editorial written by Charles Koch paired up with a pro-Romney editorial by David Koch. Also included in the packet there was an article by Investor’s Business Daily where they claimed the free market was the cause of Canada’s higher per-capita wealth, ignoring the fact that Canada is Socialist according to libertarians. Another piece included as a piece written by Charles Koch where he fought to defend the American Legislative Exchange Council, calling it a “leading free-market association of state legislators with thousands of members and supporters” even while it fought to get put into law anti-democracy policies.

Koch Industries, and its various subsidiaries such as Georgia Pacific, already have a code of conduct which requires employees to vet their politics before the company management should they choose to run for office. Their policies also threaten employees with termination for their social activity. The policy states “Even if your social media conduct is outside of the workplace and/or non-work related, it must not reflect negatively on GP’s reputation, its products, or its brands.” Who judges if it reflects negatively? Why, Koch Industries senior management of course. Koch Industries, in response to employee engagement in legal out-of-work activity at their Georgia Pacific Camas facility laid off over 750 workers. Punitive action indeed for exercising ones right to free speech.

The voter packet made dire predictions for the employment status of those now working for the firm should the candidates not approved by the voters guide be elected this November. And with Koch Industries history of direct attacks on its employees, we should believe them.