‘Top 10 Ways To Get Away With Rape’ Flyer Found In Men’s Room At Ohio’s Miami University

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Ohio’s Miami University is facing criticism for their handling of a flyer titled “Top Ten Ways to Get Away with Rape” found in a men’s bathroom of a coed freshman dorm.

A resident assistant at McBride Hall discovered the flyer on the weekend of October 6th and reported it to university authorities the following Monday. The university responded by holding a mandatory meeting for all the male residents of the dorm, initiating a police investigation and ramping up police presence in the dorm. However, the university’s response came under fire from Kate Van Fossen, a junior at the college and vice president of Women Against Violence and Sexual Assault. She said the entire campus should have been alerted of the incident. The university responded by saying that since the event took place in McBride Hall, it was isolated and therefore precluded making the entire student body aware of the flyer.

The university subsequently issued a statement to the student body this week, an action that Fossen appreciates but considers to be too little too late. In an interview with the New York Daily News, she cast doubt on the university’s commitment to sexual assault prevention, citing that the school has not had a sexual assault prevention coordinator in a year.

The flyer, obviously (hopefully) meant to be a joke, isn’t very funny when you consider that the Miami University Police website reports there have been at least 27 sexual assaults on the campus since 2009, 19 of which allegedly took place in dorms.

The flyer advises would be rapists:

 1)    Put drugs in the women’s (sic) drink, therefore she won’t remember you.

2)    When you see a woman walking by herself take advantage of the fact that she is alone.

3)    Wear protection.

4)    If a women’s (sic) window is unlocked sneak in and rape her to teach her not to do it again.

5)    Sex with an unconscious body does count, so don’t back down if shes (sic) sleeping.

6)    Honesty is the best policy, if the girl says she doesn’t want to have sex tell her you are going to get her a drink, slip some roofies in it and you’ll have her in bed in no time.

7)    Practice makes perfect, the more you rape, the better you get at it.

8)    If your (sic) afraid the girl will identify you slit her throat.

9)    Never take pictures with or give your number to the girl you rape.

10)  RAPE RAPE RAPE, its (sic) college boys live it up!

Fossen said, “I was absolutely shocked. It brings tears to my eyes that someone on my campus, joking or not joking, came up with those things to say and posted them in a public place for other boys to see. You never know who (the poster) is reaching out to.”

The university has not yet identified the perpetrator(s) responsible for putting up the flyer but Claire Wagner, Miami University’s director of news and public information has stated that there will be several options for punishing the offender(s) including removal from the dorm, mandatory educational programs and suspension.

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