Hilarious Paul Ryan Workout Spoof From Second City (VIDEO)

In Paul Ryan’s OKCupid.com Time Magazine photo shoot, it was tough to decide if he was running for the position of the Vice President of the United States or the title of Biggest Douche at 24 Hour Fitness.

While Ryan might think he’s Born to Rock, the Internet seems to feel his photo shoot was born to mock and the folks at the Second City Network plyometricly jumped at the task.

“I respect the President,” said the weight lifting wannabe second dude. “He’s the first president who’s black. I could be the first president who’s bro.”

“I’m a politician you want to shroom your face off with at Dave Matthews.”

“I can shrug my own body weight.”

“I don’t really do P90X. I do like P1000X. I’m really good at math, so I get extra numbers.”

“I’m not going to let this workout be run by fact checkers.”

I’ll let you see the finish for yourself. Here’s the video:

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