Biden Wallops Ryan With A Smile On His Face (OP-ED)


Never mind the fact that Joe Biden, smiled, shook his head, frequently laughed and interrupted Paul Ryan. This was a DEBATE, folks. President Obama tried being “polite” last week in Denver and we all know how that turned out.

Joe fought back, and I’m so, so glad he did. If Vice President Biden came across as rude, then so did Romney last week. For me — and, I believe, many other older Americans – when Biden looked directly into the camera and asked: “Whom do you trust?”…that resonated. The Republican Party has wanted to destroy Social Security since its inception, most recently through “privatization.”

Same with Medicare, which they have always opposed; they’re seeing the way to kill it now through “voucherizing” it. For millions of seniors (like myself) and many millions more about to be, why should any of us believe or trust those who hate those programs—to now save them and guarantee them for future generations?

Wake up people! Those on the Right are selling “a pig in a poke” in Ryan’s Budget, Tax Reform (i.e. more tax cuts for the rich. Oh, sorry…the “Job Creators”) and even their plans to overturn a woman’s right to choose, and other matters regarding her own health and reproductive rights. They are “snake oil salesmen” of the worst variety…dishonest ideologues and religious extremists on domestic policies and Neo-conservative warmongers – at worst – or, militarists–at best–on foreign policy.

Joe Biden hit all the key points and won hands down! But now this campaign is coming down to the final bitter weeks and both sides are bound to unleash even more wall-to-wall, nasty, negative campaign ads to sway the five or six percent still undecided. Now is the time to get out there and talk sense—one on one—to those few still on the fence, or those not even interested enough to vote.

Do they want a future where ALL Americans can share in a fair, equal, civil society; or do they want to see America turn back the clock to the economic deprivations of the early 20thCentury or return to post-Civil War era of the so-called “Gilded Age?”

Do we really want to see another era of unchecked corporate greed and untold personal and hereditary wealth (and political power) in the hands of the few? An era before ANY government programs to aid ANYONE…without any meaningful worker rights, consumer protections, banking regulations, environmental protections, public education, health and retirement benefits, and without any social conscience.

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