Republicans Once Again Leak National Security Information Into The Public

The GOP seems to have a bad habit of loose lips. People recall the Valerie Plame affair, where a CIA operative was exposed by the Bush Administration in order to punish her husband. Doing so did far more than damage one man, of course; it damaged a decade of intelligence gathering and undermined who knows how many intelligence assets.

Now to outdo this affair, the Republicans on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee decided on blowing not one agents cover, but the cover of an entire CIA base in Libya. They did so not in a secret memo slipped to the press, but live on broadcast television.

Now, the New York Times did unveil that the CIA evacuated personnel from Libya two weeks ago. But what happened in the meeting was that a satellite map of the compound from a commercial satellite was shown. John Chaffetz, the Republican congressman from Utah, immediately objected to its presence, and that it contained subject matter which should not be discussed in public. He also pointed out the markings on the map, calling them inappropriate.

In other words, the congressman just alerted any terrorist affiliates to pay close attention to the picture.

In response, chairman Darryl Issa ordered the picture taken down so as not to show information on active facilities.

And the Republican from California just revealed that the picture and markings referred to an active operation.

During the remainder of the meeting, the congressman further revealed that the annex marked on the map was for a seven person rapid response team, and that it was controlled by the “other government agency.” In congressional speak, “other government agency” means the Central Intelligence Agency.

In other parts of the meeting, the congresspeople simultaneously scolded state department officials for hiding behind secret information and blaming them for the revelations of secret information. All the while failing to grasp the huge intelligence mess that they had just created all by themselves.