CBS Local News Anchor Responds To Comments Regarding Her Weight (VIDEO)

Jennifer Livingston, a CBS local news anchor from La Crosse, Wisconsin and sister to noted actor Ron Livingston, responded Tuesday to a cruel email sent to her regarding her weight. Livingston discussed the example parents set for children when they bully other adults, teaching their children that it is okay being cruel to someone for being different.

The bully sent Ms. Livingston an email “educating” her on her weight, and admonishing her for not having a sense of “community responsibility” by daring to appear on television and not be a supermodel.

Jennifer’s response provokes thought and introspection on how our words affect people. Not only do they affect the people they target, but they affect our children too, who learn that hurtful comments are “funny” or otherwise acceptable. We can mask our words as concern, as this bully has done, but it doesn’t change the impact those words can still have on people.

Ultimately, by bullying others based on their skin color, sexual orientation, faiths, clothing, weight, and so on, we teach our children that being different is not okay — that we all ought to look and act the same, even if it hurts us. We need as a society to stop pushing this ideal, and glorify the wonderful people we have and have had that do dare to be different.
People like Bobak Ferdowsi, NASA’s now famous mohawk guy, who looks different, but is a remarkably intelligent scientist and the flight director for Nasa’s Curiosity Rover, or Oscar Wilde, who gave us such wonderful plays as “The Importance Of Being Earnest,” ¬†or even Barack Obama, who discusses the impact being different had on him, being a mixed race child growing up.

Jennifer Livingston teaches us that being different is okay. Sure you might be a little weird, but you could grow up to be an amazing NASA scientist, or a brilliant playwright, or even the President of the United States.

Thank you Jennifer Livingston for being an excellent example for our children.

Here is the video: