Guttmacher Institute Releases Educational Video On Abortion (VIDEO)

The Guttmacher Institute, dedicated to improving sexual and reproductive health through information has released a video describing the effects a lack of adequate contraception, education, and restrictive abortion policies.

According to the video, criminalizing abortion does not actually end the practice, or reduce the abortion rates throughout the world. The Institute explains that legalizing abortion and providing adequate educational, counseling, and family planning services, as well as giving women equal status worldwide would result in less than half the unwanted pregnancies, and as much as 26,000,000 fewer abortions every year.

By making abortion illegal, the Institute explains that more women would die due to improper and unsafe abortions. According to the video, 47,000 women die yearly due to unsafe and illegal abortions, with millions more injured permanently.

One must ask, if the pro-life movement was really about protecting human life, wouldn’t they be in support of an organization like Planned Parenthood that provides these services at low or no cost to women?