The Dirty Secrets Confessed By Former GOP Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger On ʻ60 Minutes’ Are NOT Why GOP Snubs Him (VIDEO)

Arnold Schwarzenneger is sworn in as moderate Republican Governor of the State of California in 1993, as his (now-estranged) wife Maria Shriver from the renowned Democratic Kennedy clan embraces him.

Now-estranged wife Maria Shriver congratulates Arnold Schwarzenegger at his 2003 inauguration as CA Gov. Inset: former housekeeper Mildred Baena with Joseph Baena, the son fathered by Schwarzenneger in 1997.

On Sunday, September 30th’s widely-promoted CBS episode of 60 Minutes, Leslie Stahl interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former body-builder, Mr. Universe, action hero, and GOP governor of California. Schwarzenegger was promoting his eagerly anticipated (by some) and loftily scorned (by others) autobiographical book, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Story, which was published by Simon & Schuster and released in bookstores on October 1st.

During the interview, Schwarzenegger revealed that the love child he fathered with former housekeeper Mildred Baena — who is almost the same age as now-estranged wife Maria Shriver’s fourth child by Schwarzenegger — was far from the only secret he kept from his then-wife. He also confessed the great lengths to which he resorted in order to conceal a heart surgery operation from Shriver (against his doctor’s advice), and also failing to inform her of his plans to run for California State Governor back in 2003 until two days before his public announcement.

When Stahl asked how Schwarzenegger thought Shriver would feel about him entering politics (given all the tragedies which were sustained by the Kennedy branch of her close-knit family), he cluelessly uttered that he thought she’d gush, ““Wow, that’s amazing!”  Then again, this is the same guy who improbably believes that Shriver would approve of his tell-all memoirs because “I think Maria is wishing me well with everything that I do.” Like all Republicans, Ah-nold knows how to charm the ladies.

You can see Part I of Leslie Stahl’s September 30th interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger on 60 Minutes interview here:

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Even before the love-child scandal became public and Shriver subsequently sought legal separation (after four children and 25 years of marriage), the Republican Party had distanced themselves from Schwarzenegger. Yet the GOP heavy-weights — despite their much-vaunted fondness for “family values” — made surprisingly few protests back in 2003, when Shriver defended her (then) husband against ‘Groper-Gate’ allegations. They had little or no problem with Schwarzenegger’s well-known infidelities, or with the fact that several women had made credible accusations of inappropriate behavior (yet more groping) in the workplace while filming movies. What they really couldn’t stand was Schwarzenneger’s support for gay marriage, stem cell research, and environmental legislation to slow global warming.


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