This Weekend’s Reading List

For this weekend’s reading list we have articles on the Obama vs. Romney Supreme Court, True the Vote, rebuilding the middle class, guns and reducing crime in big cities, and dealing with climate change.

An Obama Supreme Court Versus a Romney High Court — a report evaluating the potential impacts of November 2012’s Presidential election on the future of the Supreme Court and the critical economic and social issues that the Court will likely face over the next years and decades.

A Reading Guide To True The Vote — an overview and collection of articles about True the Vote, the right-wing, tea party-aligned organization that is promising to have 1 million poll watchers interfering with people’s right to vote this November.

10 Ways To Rebuild The Middle Class For Hardworking Americans — a report on raising the minimum wage, protecting union rights, stopping wage theft, making workplaces family-friendly, and other steps that are key to restoring the middle class in the US.

Our Romance With Guns — a review of three books discussing our nation’s obsession with guns and the strategies that cities have taken to reduce gun violence.

In A Climate-Crazed World, How Can We Plan For The Future? — an essay about the challenges of taking action today to address future problems, such as climate change, that have uncertain ramifications, timing, and other inconvenient truths.