GOP: Gay Marriage Will Lead To 2nd Amendment Being Overturned

The Gays are coming for your guns!!

Well, not really. But according to Louisiana Govenor Bobby Jindal, the next best thing is underway: liberal judicial activism!

via The New Civil Rights Movement:

Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana, and a rumored presidential hopeful, has teamed up with national leaders of anti-gay hate, Rick Santorum, NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, Focus on the Family‘s Citizen Link, and Bob Vander Plaats of theFamily Leader, and is touring Iowa to help throw out of office one of the seven Supreme Court justices, David Wiggins, who, in a 2009 unanimous decision, ruled — based in the state’s constitution — there was no governmental interest in denying marriage to same-sex couples.

Why? Jindal explains the impending doom for all that we hold dear:

“The reality is today we’re talking about redefining marriage. If the court is allowed to impose and write their own laws and their own views, and overturn those that are done by our duly-elected representatives, what’s to stop today’s [indistinguishable]. Tomorrow it may be property rights, maybe it’s Second Amendment rights. We have got to take a stand against judicial activism.”

It should be noted that what Jindal is advocating for is the same kind of discrimination that is currently illegal against people of his particular skin color (i.e. “not white”). In fact, Jindal put pressure on a justice of the peace, Keith Bardwell, in 2009 for refusing to marry an interracial couple, until he resigned. It is unclear how this differs from same sex marriage since the language used to oppose both is essentially identical. “Not in the Constitution,” “Against the Bible,” “Unnatural,” etc.

Jindal also does not seem overly concerned with the ruling of Citizens United which granted the legal fiction of corporations as people the same rights (but none of the responsibility, of course) of actual people. Apparently “judicial activism” is only a threat when it doesn’t support the interests of the 1% but rather expands social justice and grants freedom to groups the right dislikes. Funny how that works.

Here’s Jindal explaining how discriminating against homosexuals is “freedom”:


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