Ann Romney Concerned About Husband’s ‘Mental Well-Being’ If Elected President

Ann Romney confesses concern for her husband’s “mental well-being” should Mitt Romney be elected president.

During an interview with KTVN Channel 2’s Wendy Damonte in Reno, NV, which aired on Thursday, September 27th, Damonte asked Ann Romney what her “biggest worry” would be if her husband is elected president. In an unscripted moment destined for the Things Campaign Spouses Should NEVER, EVER Say In Public playbook, Mrs. Romney confessed:

I think my biggest worry would be for his [Mitt Romney’s] mental well-being. I have all the confidence in the world of his ability, his decisiveness, his leadership skills, his understand of the economy, his understanding of what’s missing right now. The pieces that are missing to get the jump started. So for me I think it would be the emotional part of it.

After months of hearing political pundits gush obsequiously over Mrs. Romney’s ‘relatability,’ and — like the parade-goers in Hans Christian Anderson’s The Emperor’s New Clothes — failing to see what all the fuss is about, I am finally experiencing my “hallelujah” moment. I now TOTALLY relate to Ann Romney.

You see, in the unlikely event of Mitt Romney getting elected president, I, too would fear for my husband’s “mental well-being.” Especially after hearing about that guy whose fear of Pres. Obama’s re-election reportedly drove him to kill his wife, sons, and himself.

My husband is normally a gentle, rational person. But, for some reason, Mitt Romney makes him froth at the mouth. Maybe it has something to do with Mr. Romney’s unfortunate career choices. How can one ‘relate’ to a man who  — despite all of the opportunities available to him  — chooses to buy companies with borrowed money, suck the companies dry, spit them out, and send jobs overseas for a living (as documented by multiple sources, including Matt Taibbi’s recent article in Rolling Stone Magazine)?

When Mitt Romney casually says he “likes to fire people,” his lack of ‘relatability’ is glaringly obvious. How can someone possibly NOT understand that in the United States of America, taking a person’s job away is just about the WORST thing you can do to someone?

Perhaps Mrs. Romney’s worries are well-founded. Corporate leaders like her husband never get held accountable for the injustices and human miseries caused by their decisions, as long as their elite shareholders make money. Elected leaders, on the other hand — particularly U.S. presidents  — always get held accountable for what happens on their watch, even if there’s little or nothing they can do.

The interview followed Mrs. Romney’s speech to a cheering audience of 1,000 from the Hawkins Ampitheater at Barkley Ranch Regional Park in Reno, NV. KTVN reporter Erin Breen also mentioned that First Lady, Michelle Obama, also plans an appearance in “Northern Nevada” on Wednesday, October 3rd, but had no further details to offer.

For video footage of Mrs. Romney’s appearance at the campaign rally, and the following interview, see KTVN’s article and video, “Ann Romney Campaigns for Husband in Reno.”


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