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Bill O’Reilly Talks Tough On The Issue Of A Nuclear Iran

During an episode of The Factor that aired on Tuesday September 25, 2012, Fox host Bill O’Reilly discussed the thorny issue of a nuclear Iran with retired Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters and Fox News Democratic political analyst Kristen Powers. O’Reilly held nothing back on the issue. Despite President Obama’s strong words during his speech earlier during the day at the United Nations about the need to deal with a nuclear Iran, O’Reilly and Peters described the president as a lot of big talk with very little action, as they called the Obama administration’s foreign policy an absolute failure.

In fact, Peters told O’Reilly that the only thing that Obama did in regard to foreign policy was ordering the Navy SEALs to kill Osama Bin Laden, and any president could have made that call.

Then, Peters and O’Reilly went on and on about how presidential candidate Mitt Romney would have a much better stance on the issue of a nuclear Iran. But Kristen Powers, to her journalistic credit, pressed O’Reilly and Peters to explain how Romney’s pro-Israel, anti-nuclear Iran stance is any better today or will somehow be better in the future than the Obama administration’s current policy, which is also friendly to Israel and opposed to a nuclear Iran.

Believe it or not, the best that O’Reilly and Peters could come up with is the fact that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu likes Romney better. According to O’Reilly, Netanyahu would vote for Romney if he could, because Romney is going to stand with Israel even though the Obama administration announced the release of a significant amount of funding for Israel’s military aid back in July.

Powers then asked O’Reilly why Romney standing with Israel is such a big deal, when it probably means very little to Iran, because Iran already views the United States as standing with Israel. O’Reilly returned fire by vowing that Romney would give the okay when Netanyahu is ready to start bombing Iran to disarm their nuclear program, which O’Reilly feels is definitely going to happen.

He then unleashed his plan to deal with a nuclear Iran. O’Reilly’s foreign policy would consist of a naval blockade of Iran—letting nothing in or out. O’Reilly even went on to compare his strategic campaign to the Cuban Missile Crisis, despite the fact that it was the U.S. that was forced to intervene due to Russian ships coming into its backyard. If O’Reilly gets his wish, he would be going into someone else’s backyard, which would place him squarely in the footsteps of the evil communism of the Soviet Union.

In order for O’Reilly’s comparison to be accurate, the Soviet Union would have had to install a blockade of the U.S. with the intention of disarming it, so a blockade of Iran is not quite the same thing. Furthermore, any attempt by a foreign government to blockade or disarm the U.S. would go over like the Hindenburg. Maybe O’Reilly and other blockade groupies should consider that scenario for a change.

Needless to say, Kristen Powers and even Ralph Peters backed away from that one, as they expressed their concerns about the very real possibility of Chinese or Russian ships in the Persian Gulf challenging the blockade with force, but hard-hitting O’Reilly stuck to his guns and doubled-down on getting tough with both China and Russia for a change, even at the expense of stopping their ships.

Watch out for Bill O’Reilly, because it was hard to tell if he’s just that supercilious or if he was auditioning to be the Joint Chief of Staff in the Romney administration. Either way, he had better be careful so his mouth doesn’t write a foreign policy check that his chicken hawk rear end cannot cash!