Rick Perry’s New Women’s Health Program – No Family Planning For You!

The Source For Women is a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Houston Texas, which has transformed itself into a women’s health center that does not cover pregnancy or pregnant women. This is somewhat problematic given the fact that Texas Governor Rick Perry plans to make the Source the centerpiece of his new Women’s Health Plan. The all-important point of Perry’s plan has nothing to do with women’s health and everything to do with phasing out the federally funded Medicaid Women’s Health Program so that he can starve Planned Parenthood into non-existence and impose the will and anti-choice ways of Christian Dominionism on Texas women.

At the opening of The Source, Perry is quoted as saying, this latest medical center will enable you to spread your message, and do your vital work on a significantly larger scale in the years to come.

From The Source Website:  Come experience what God is doing at The Source! See and hear how He’s using the Blessing Room, our uniquely stylized Counseling Suites, the Life Enrichment & Education Classroom, The Woelfel Window to the Womb 4D Ultrasound Suite and more. Catch the vision today!

As ever what’s at stake is women’s health. The Source and Crisis Pregnancy Centers in general do not even begin to cover all the services that Medicaid’s Women’s Health Program’s cover. There are no pap smears, no family planning, no mammograms, all of which are crucial to women’s health. Source CEO Cynthia Wenz told RH Reality Check that in order to be enrolled in the Texas Women’s Health Program they will eventually have to offer pap smears and some contraceptives, but the facts are anti-choicer’s are notoriously anti-birth-control. IUD’s and hormonal contraception are lumped into the same category as the morning after pill, which means that AUL is probably writing legislation this very moment, declaring abstinence a legal form of birth control.

Perry claims that by transforming Crisis Pregnancy Centers into Women’s Health Centers he will be able to serve the community that Planned Parenthood has so ably served. But calling a Pregnancy Crisis Center a Woman’s Health Center does not change the facts regarding what it is, is Planned Parenthood minus PP’s valuable health services, namely family planning. It does not change that the new women’s health centers will be a teaching front for the Christian Right preying on the most vulnerable under the auspices of “helping women.” The point of course is to build the ranks, a God’s army of the anti-choicers. That Texas women’s health will suffer dramatically is a small price to pay when you’re doing God’s work.

Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. Katherine Manaan (MAWT)

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