‘Women For Akin’ Site Pulled Because Of Democrat In Picture

This morning I wrote that Todd Akin was going after the women’s vote with a new video and brochure. The site and video were taken down within a matter of hours because a reporter from the St Louis Post Dispatch noticed that one of the women pictured in the “I’m A Woman And I Support Todd Akin,” photograph was Corinne Matti, a tracker for the Democratic Party. Akin spokesman Ryan Hite promptly released the following statement:

This page is simply a draft version that was not approved for public release. Photos and other design features are just tests to view page sizes and changes, not the final photos to be used.

I would certainly hope the page was a draft version, Ryan, as Corinne Matti has been an out in the open tracker for almost a year and a half, meaning she has attended Akin events, with your full knowledge, while reporting back to the Democrats what your side is up to. But, given the fact the site launch coincided with tonight’s “Missouri Women Standing With Todd Akin,” starring the irrepressible Phyllis Schlafly, arch-enemy of women’s reproductive freedoms, equal rights, gay marriage, and anything sane, and the fact that the show is still going on as planned, I think somebody fucked up on your end and you’re just making excuses.

Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. Kat Manaan (MAWT)

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