The ‘Humble And Intelligent’ Todd Akin Goes After Women’s Votes With A New Video

Todd Akin is going after women’s votes with a new pro-woman brochure and video. Using the tagline ‘We Think For Ourselves,” Women for Akin is launching tonight, 9/18/12, in Akin’s congressional district of Chesterfield, Mo. Here is the video:

Despite the fact the Republican establishment pulled its support from Akin because of the overwhelmingly negative response to his claim that a legitimately raped woman’s body would shut down a pregnancy, the deeply religious and impervious to criticism Akin is not going away. Clearly Akin, family, and followers view him as David to the Republican Party’s Goliath. As Hannah Akin sayshe truly believes that “all men (and women) are created equal. That he, as an elected representative, is ‘a servant of the people,’ is not just an empty phrase, but a belief that guides his life.

Unfortunately those belief systems are rooted in and grow out the context of Christian Dominionism.

Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. Kat Manaan (MAWT)