Racism In Romney’s Statement Over Embassy Attacks Exposed

Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney’s condemnation of Obama’s “mixed messages” and “sympathizing with those who breached our embassy in Egypt instead of condemning their actions” feeds into the rhetoric of right-wing racists.

With a growing number of Americans falsely believing President is a Muslim, and with Romney trailing Obama in favorability, there is little wonder why Romney would court the mis-informed voters.

Mike the Mad Biologist states an obvious three-part explanation for Romney’s statement.

    1. Reinforce the belief that Obama is a Muslim (not that there would be anything wrong if he were). One would think a Mormon might want to stray away from the religious approach.
    2. Based on #1, imply that Obamas can’t be trusted since he is “sympathetic” to militant Islamic radicals.  This would neutralize Obama’s greatest foreign policy asset, killing the mass murderer of nearly 3,000 civilians (that would be Bin Laden)
    3. Rally his slavering Uruk-hai base”

Mike concludes:

“It’s vile, reprehensible and like most everything uttered by Team Romney, ultimately founded on a lie.  But it is pretty straightforward what he’s trying to do here.  It’s just the foreign policy version of the dog whistle”

Romney has already falsely stated that President Obama and other Democrats are hoping to take “In God We Trust” off of our currency.  This plays into the false notion from the Tea Party that Democrats are godless.  Thus if Republican efforts to suppress minority, student, and elderly votes fail to secure Romney’s chance for election, they will fall back on the false notion of the Socialist, Communist, Kenyan, Muslim, who hates America and hates Christians.