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The Democrats Were Finally Able To Get It Right

The Democrats were finally able to get it right, as they kicked off their Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, with a formidable bang for the ages that has been severely lacking in message consistency from the party for years. After yielding to the Republican National Convention a week ago, the Democrats rolled out an all-star lineup that did not disappoint.

One of the big wins for this Democratic convention is the overwhelming presence of women coupled with the nurturing appreciation for a woman’s abilities and a woman’s rights.

In a very calculated move, the Democrats brought out a stage full of Congressional, Democratic women led by Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Now according to conservatives, the “War on Women” is just a myth, like global warming. But the Democrats were not deterred, as Democratic Congresswoman after Democratic Congresswoman vowed to fight back against the “War on Women,” by using such things as the definition of rape to drive their point home—an issue that was freely given away by clumsy Republicans who just don’t know when to keep their mouths shut.

Another great moment was when Lilly Ledbetter came out and told her story of female persecution at the hands of a corrupt, male-dominated system. Ledbetter wowed the crowd with her powerful tone and her emotional pride, and as she continued to tell her story of how she fought back against the testosterone fueled tyranny of the chauvinistic past and present, when women were looked at as nothing more than pre-existing conditions, chefs with curves, or whoopee cushions for a man’s pushing.

And as expected, First Lady Michelle Obama gave one of her best speeches to date, as she did a better job at humanizing President Obama than Ann Romney did trying to humanize her husband, presidential candidate Mitt Romney. And like Lilly Ledbetter, Michelle was able to connect with the average Joe and Jane by telling her stories about how her and Barack struggled just like everyone else, as they tried to raise a family together, while trying to make ends meet at the same time—and still manage to find time for each other. In the end, Ann Romney sounded like she was speaking to her walk of life, while Lilly Ledbetter and Michelle Obama are speaking to all walks of life.

And then there was Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick,who literally stole the show with his passionate and inspirational words—delivering the line of the night, which could easily become the line of the entire campaign, as he urged the Democratic Party to grow a “backbone” and fight for the people. Basically, the keynote address was given by San Antonio Mayer Julian Castro, but the keynote moment was delivered by Patrick!

And after closely examining Governor Patrick’s performance, one could argue that it shows all of us exactly what the Republicans and the conservatives are so afraid of. The main reason they feel like they must make President Obama a one-term president
is because they are afraid that they will look up one day once Obama is gone from the White House and see Deval Patrick in the presidential, rearview mirror and closing in fast!

So whether it’s Deval Patrick or Lilly Ledbetter, the Republican Party had better get used to diversity no matter how long they blindly downplay its existence within their ranks. At some point, the angry, white men who literally drive the engine of the conservative ideology are going to find themselves in a party that is intrinsically defined and permanently locked into that one regressive brand.

And the Republicans have no one else to blame for this but themselves. They can sit around complaining about the debt, and the Bush tax cuts that help to sustain it all they want, but it is the stereotypical imagery of a party for White people so they can be among other White people that strikes the biggest chord, and the Democratic National Convention took full advantage of that from start to finish.