GOP Wants Anti-Pornography Legislation

Morality Media President Ted Trueman spoke to Huffington Post Reporter Jen Bendery today about the risks pornography supposedly have on society, particularly, young men in their twenties, following the GOP platform draft discussing the need to push for more “vigorous” enforcement of anti-pornography laws.

According to Trueman, “It’s the Viagra problem for guys in their 20s.” with young men spending  “10 to 12 years looking at porn on the Internet and masturbating to it, so when they are getting married, they are dysfunctional sexually because their brain maps are changed. They enjoy what they’ve been doing for 10 to 12 years. Normal sex is not something that gets them excited.”

While there has been some evidence to support the theory of porn-induced sexual dysfunction, the data available is inconclusive and shows only a correlation between pornography and sexual dysfunction, without establishing pornography as the cause. The concern, however, doesn’t rest with your average porn user, but with those with a seeming addiction to pornography.

One alternate theory for the reasoning behind erectile dysfunction in porn users in their twenties has more to do with anxiety. Anxiety affects the dopamine levels in the brain making it difficult to achieve arousal. While this theory certainly has merit, and more often than not is the case, some argue that it does not explain why avoiding pornography can fix the problem. One answer to this argument, of course, is the placebo effect.

The truth is, we do not have sufficient data to argue that pornography  is a menace to society. Indeed, there have been numerous studies that argue its benefits, including one that showed that pornography was linked to a decrease in sex crimes. This makes the drive for legislation against pornography an issue of morality, not societal well-being. Since morality is individual to a person, it is a violation of personal freedom to force it on another human being.

Unfortunately, the Republican party chooses to ignore this, and opted to attach the plank to their platform, without any regard for the science.