Congressman Steve King Believes Minorities Are Playing Victim (VIDEO)

According to comments made by Steve King at a town hall meeting, minorities are playing victim roles and not taking personal responsibility for their lives.

Here’s the video:

Steve King fails to see the irony in his statement, as he himself has become an example of the attacks that minorities face every day. Minorities face discrimination on a daily basis, be it from law enforcement, politicians, potential employers, or even strangers on the street. To argue that we need to take personal responsibility and stop blaming others for our misfortunes is fair — if others weren’t directly responsible for at least some of those misfortunes. This writer can’t count how many times she’s lost work due to her choice to wear a Tiechel, and is far from being alone in this. Steve King’s comments amount to little more than bullying — stop whining about me picking on you, if you weren’t so different, I wouldn’t have too.