RNC Leader Attacks Governor Susana Martinez For ‘Dishonouring’ Custer

RNC Leader and lawyer Pat Rogers told Republican New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez’ staff that she was disrespecting Col. George Armstrong Custer by meeting with American Indians, according to an email released by ProgressNowNM.

Quislings, French surrender monkeys, secret supporters of JAJ [Janice Arnold Jones, a former NM legislator currently running for congress] 

The state is going to hell. Col. Weh would not have dishonored Col. Custer in this manner.

I hope whoever recommended this is required to read the entire redist transcript and sit through the entire meeting with the Gov.

What Colonel Custer is remembered for is that after being court-martialed for desertion of post, he lead the 7th Cavalry to its destruction at the battle of Little Bighorn during the Indian Wars. The 1876 battle was an attempt by the American military to keep the Sioux and Cheyenne from leaving their reservations. Custer lost horribly, with none of the 7th Cavalry surviving the battle, commonly referred to as “Custer’s Last Stand.

And it seems that the man who was demoted for abandoning his post and managed to have his own people massacred is guy is a hero to Pat Rogers. Makes perfect sense, right?

Back to now: let’s get this straight, Pat Rogers is pissed because Martinez, no saint herself, is meeting with American Indians. Apparently, minorities aren’t even worth talking too, even minorities which have their own governments and who have reservations throughout the state.

Martinez, current governor of New Mexico, is known for having broken both state and federal law multiple times, and being a generally corrupt joke. But to be attacked for dishonoring a man who died in Montana attacking tribes found in the Dakotas seems just a bit odd.