A Contrasting Look At 10 Of The Republican Party’s Top Priorities

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What have Republicans made their priorities? What have they shown they don’t care about? This list is an attempt to compare the high priorities of the Republican Party with the things that are not a priority to them.

High Priority: Giving tax breaks to billionaires and corporations.
Not A Priority: Allowing state employees to keep their pensions, and their rights. Programs that help the poor, and the middle-class.

High Priority: Cutting funding to NPR, PBS, and the EPA.
Not A Priority: Cutting funding to NASCAR

High Priority: Making sure all babies are born, regardless of how they were conceived.
Low Priority: Making sure that women living in poverty have the means to take care of those babies once they’re born.

High Priority: Cutting funding for Pell Grants for college students.
Not A Priority: Making sure teachers , school administrators, and other union workers have rights.

High Priority: Going to war.
Not A Priority: Helping our Veterans.

High Priority: Deregulating anything they can.
Not A Priority: Holding corporations accountable.

High Priority: Spending money to sterilize wild horses.
Not A Priority: Spending money to provide human women with contraception.

High Priority: Anything pro-Fetus.
Not A Priority: Protecting pregnant mothers from dying. Abolishing the death penalty, ending unnecessary wars.

High Priority: Lower taxes for rich people and corporations.
Not A Priority: Creating jobs.

High Priority: Making Obama Fail.
Not A Priority: Making America succeed.

These are just 10 examples of contrasting Republican priorities, feel free to add any additional examples in the comments.

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