Weekend Reading List

For this weekend’s reading list we have an excerpt from a new book on the success of the 2009 Stimulus law, an overview of conservative attacks on reproductive freedom, an explanation of how President Obama is a good friend of Israel, an investigation of how many non-profits are improperly engaging in political activity, a look at President Obama’s efforts to help revitalize cities, and a study on how raising the minimum wage would help workers and create jobs.


Think Again: Obama’s New Deal – an article adapted from the new book The New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era, which argues that President Obama’s 2009 stimulus bill was a resounding success in both keeping the economy from sliding into a depression and in setting the groundwork for lasting change.

Are Your Birth Control Rights Endangered? – a comprehensive overview of the attacks on reproductive freedom being carried out by conservatives throughout the country.

The Tsuris – an essay arguing that President Obama, by urging Israel to better live up to democratic principles, is being a far better friend to Israel than saber-rattlers like Benjamin Netanyahu are willing to admit.

How Nonprofits Spend Millions on Elections and Call it Public Welfare – an in-depth investigation about how many organizations that receive various tax breaks under Section 501(c)(4) of the tax code because they are purportedly working to promote social welfare bend and even break our tax laws by engaging in substantial amounts of partisan political activity.

President Obama and the Forgotten Urban Agenda – an examination of President Obama’s successful steps to promote a vision of revitalizing urban communities, and of the significant hurdles and challenges that remain to such efforts.

How Raising the Federal Minimum Wage Would Help Working Families and Give the Economy a Boost – a report on how raising the minimum wage to $9.80 per hour, as has been proposed by a number of Democratic Congresspeople, would give a raise to 28 million workers and help create 100,000 jobs.