100 Things You Can’t Complain About If You Don’t Care About Voting, Or If You Think Voting Is Unimportant

Laws are only passed 3 ways in this country: By the courts, by politicians or by the voters. The courts are chosen by politicians. Politicians are chosen by voters. Voters vote for laws, but they also vote for the politicians that choose who sits on the courts, therefore all laws are created directly or indirectly because of the voters’ actions.

I’m a firm believer that if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain, but what does that really mean? Most people have no idea how many things that they complain about that are effected by the voters, so I decided to list 100 of them.

If you don’t vote, or you think voting is unimportant, you are no longer allowed to complain about any of these things, since they are all directly or indirectly affected by how you vote. If you think voting doesn’t matter, but you continue to complain about these things, you are a hypocrite.

1. Corruption In The Judicial System

2. Corrupt Politicians

3. Voter’s Rights

4. Taxes

5. Immigrants Rights

6. Illegal Narcotics

7. Healthcare

8. The Economy

9. Potholes

10. Food Prices

11. Same-sex Marriage

12. Wars

13. Unemployment

14. The Cost Of Living

15. Social Security Benefits

16. Animal Rights

17. Fracking

18. Eminent Domain

19. Corporate Monopolies

20. Jobs Being Shipped Overseas

21. Damage To The Environment

22. The Death Penalty

23. Hunting Laws

24. Business Regulations

25. The Minimum Wage

26. Medicare

27. Gun Control Laws

28. Medications That Haven’t Been Properly Tested

29. Politics

30. Illegal Immigration

31. Excessive Police Force

32. Equality For Women

33. Food Quality

34. Violations Of Civil Rights

35. Tenants Rights

36. Racial Equality

37. Water Quality

38. Bullying Laws

39. Cybercrime

40. Airport Security Screenings

41. Medical Marijuana

42. Religion In Government

43. Corporate Personhood

44. The Murder Rate

45. Air Quality

46. Predatory Lending Practices

47. Income Inequality

48. The Decline Of The Postal Service

49. Unfair Business Practices

50. Crime

51. Mental Health Services

52. Dirty Public Beaches

53. Lack Of Bike Lanes

54. The Percentage Of Products Made In Foreign Countries

55. The Debt And Deficit

56. Corporate Control Over The Media

57. Poverty

58. National Policy

59. Lack Of Government Oversight

60. Excessive Government Spending

61. Poorly Maintained National Parks

62. Lack Of Quality Public Programming

63. Education Standards

64. Public Health

65. Working Conditions

66. For-Profit Health Insurance

67. Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

68. Lobbyists

69. The Federal Reserve

70. TORT Reform

71. Lack Of Affordable Housing

72. Access To Quality Medical Care

73. Tax Loopholes

74. Abortion

75. Lack Of Public Parks

76. Foreign Policy

77. Public Safety

78. Labor Laws

79. The 3 Strikes Law

80. The Value Of The Dollar

81. Close Elections

82. Uneducated People

83. Tolls

84. Intersections That Need Stop Signs

85. Gas Prices

86. Stagflation

87. Abuse Of Power

88. The Supreme Court’s Decisions

89. Vehicle Standards

90. Lack Of Quality Political Candidates

91. Veterans Benefits

92. Lack Of Access To Childcare

93. Government Waste

94. Military Spending

95. Social Justice

96. Services For The Developmentally Disabled

97. Communism

98. Capitalism

99. Socialism

100. Fascism

If you don’t vote, don’t complain, because voting effects a lot more than you realize.

Originally published September 16th, 2011