Arpaio’s Cold Fish Press Conference – Obama’s Birth Certificate Still Isn’t A Fake (VIDEOS)

Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, led by Mike Zulo, traveled to Hawaii where they discovered that Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent. Of course, the evidence they provided to back this claim up is the same old garbage that has been disproved time and time again.

Arpaio’s minions refused to answer questions regarding tax payer funding of this witch hunt, claiming that the board refused to accept private donations to cover the cost. The argument was that they tried not to fund it through tax payer money, but two board members refused to accept the private donations made that would cover the cost of sending the deputies to Hawaii. A fair argument, but it does not excuse the fact that the cost of the trip ($9600) was still billed to tax payers.

According to county records, the trip cost a total of approximately $9,600, with $750 going to airfare to send a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy, $1,300 to lodgings, and more than $1,100 to meals with the deputy spending the maximum per diem the county allows of $103 a day for meals. Seeing as a household of four with two kids under five spends about $524 a month to feed the entire family, this seems a little excessive for one person.

The supposedly new evidence presented as “proof” Obama’s birth certificate is faked is the same old rehashed argument that it was digitally manipulated. This argument has been debunked time and time again by John Woodman, a computer analyst who presented a series of videos proving the veracity of the file in a series of videos:

Seriously now, I think we can safely say that the birth certificate, verified as authentic by Hawaii’s Department of Health is definitely absolutely 100% real.

The supposedly damning evidence of national security importance that Mike Zullo and Joe Arpaio promised to release was of course, a cold fish.

Supposedly, Hawaii is the only state that allows home births to result in birth certificates. Despite Mike Zullo’s argument that he looked really, really hard and found no other state that allows this, this is a load of bull. Home births have been an option for pregnant women since the dawn of time. A birth certificate for a home birth is somewhat more complicated than a hospital birth, but the requirements are the same throughout all states. Some variance occurs in which documents can be used as proof of what, but the general requirements include a written statement from a doctor or witness to the home birth, proof of identification, and proof of residency. This allows women to make the choice to have their children in the safety and comfort of their own home, as opposed to a sterile hospital environment. These are essentially the same forms that are filled out for you if you have a child in a hospital.

Of course, the question and answer period had Zullo and Arpaio point threateningly and yell at CBS 5 News reporter Morgan Leow for having the audacity to ask a question regarding the credibility of the evidence, with Arpaio pointing a finger and arguing “That’s an insult! Look at the evidence and forget whose in bed with who. Talk about the evidence!” Apparently, questions about the veracity of evidence are not acceptable, and people are simply required to trust that Joe Arpaio is honest despite mounting credible evidence that Arpaio is dishonest. Given Arpaio’s history and lack of credibility, it really does not seem insulting to ask for proof of the veracity of the evidence presented.

The conference is simply an attempt by Arpaio to take focus off the ongoing lawsuits by the Department of Justice and ACLU into allegations that Arpaio willfully and intentionally discriminated against and violated the constitutional rights of Latinos, discriminated against Latino inmates with limited English skills, and illegally retaliated against their supposed critics.