What Has The Tea Party Accomplished?

It’s been over 3 years since the Tea Party was formed, and since then have they made any significant accomplishments? This is a list (or at least my attempt at one) of things that I believe the Tea Party has accomplished since their creation. I know that many members of the tea party will try to argue with this list, so I’ll cite multiple sources.


Tax cuts for the wealthiest top 2% of Americans- At the peak of the Tea Party movement 18% of Americans, almost 1 in 5, had a favorable view of the Tea Party. Too bad the majority of that 18% doesn’t benefit from being a member of the wealthiest top 2% of Americans.

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Reminded America that racism still exists- Yes, even though we elected our first African-American President, based on the content of his character and not the color of his skin, we were quickly reminded by people with signs depicting the leader of our country as an African witch doctor, and other signs with various racial epithets, that racism is definitely still alive in America.

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Elected a group of freshman politicians that have no idea how Government works- Yes, it’s always nice to get some new faces in Washington, to bring a new perspective. Too bad the new faces that the Tea Party helped to get elected have no idea how Government works, and some of them seem to be unfamiliar with the constitution.

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Caused the largest surge in bills that attack women’s rights in the history of this country- The Tea Party ran on principles of “smaller Government”. Too bad for them the politicians they elected believe that a ‘smaller government’ means more legislation telling women what they should or should not do with their bodies. The number of bills that have been introduced this year that attack women’s rights is more than triple the total number of similar bills for all of 2010.

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Kept Sarah Palin in the media- In 2008 many people on the left, and even many people on the right, were hoping that Sarah Palin would return to Alaska. But thanks to the Tea Party Express and one of the Tea Party’s corporate sponsors; Fox News, Sarah Palin is still in the media almost 4 years after she cost John McCain the Presidential election.

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Helped the Democrats keep their majority in the Senate- I know a lot of Tea Party members won’t want to admit this, but it was thanks to the Tea Party that Republicans didn’t win control of the Senate in 2010. The Tea Party ran Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, Sharron Angle in Nevada, and Ken Buck in Colorado, and thanks to a string of baffling public statements, bizarre press conferences, and a 1990s video from Bill Maher’s old show, these Senate seats that were expected to go to Republicans remained under Democratic control.

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Increased sales of Crayola Markers- Remember the Crayola Markers most of us used back in elementary school? Their sales are up, and it’s thanks to the Tea Party!

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And now, a video from Crayola thanking the Tea Party for helping increase their sales;