When No Comment Means More Than Just No Comment – Mitt Romney And The Olympics

Mitt Romney sat down with CBS News chief political correspondent Jan Crawford for an interview today where he was asked his opinion on US Olympic uniforms being made in China.

CRAWFORD: Let me ask you one final question Governor about the Olympics, which you know well. Obviously have a lot of people have been very upset this week to learn that our uniforms were manufactured in China and now an American company has come forward to say that they will make them here before the Olympics, do you think the Olympics committee should take them up on that?

GOV. ROMNEY: You know, I don’t know the particulars or the circumstance, so I really can’t comment on that. I presume they have sponsors that are associated with uniforms, and matters of that nature, so I’m not going to weigh into the decisions made in that regard.

CRAWFORD: Do you think the uniforms should have been made from the outset in America? Should that have been a priority or does it trouble you that our uniforms, for our US Olympic team were made in China?

GOV. ROMNEY: I think I really responded to that already, I don’t have any further comment that what I’ve already said.

Seems like a fairly reasonable answer right?  He doesn’t have all the information, so he doesn’t comment. Except it isn’t really. Our athletes may have sponsors, but that does not dictate where those uniforms should be made. An American company has already stepped forward and offered to make those uniforms right here, creating jobs for Americans in a failing textile industry. The government is not responsible for making decisions like this for our athletes, but Ms. Crawford had asked Mitt Romney’s opinion. He was not asked if he would force the Olympic committee to make that decision. He was not asked if he would enact some sort of law requiring it, he was asked if he thought the uniforms should be made in the United States.

His “no comment” sheds more light on his real values than any answer he may have given. It says “I’ll outsource jobs and screw over Americans if it means I’ll make a profit.”

This is the man Republicans want for a president. This is supposedly the man that will save America and restore it to greatness. A man who outsourced jobs while working for a venture capital company (that gives him business experience!), and a man who won’t even go on record to say that athletes representing this country should wear uniforms made in this country.