Occam’s Tinfoil Razor – Like Father Obama Like Son Obama? (VIDEO)

Obama has a dream; a dream from his father; that the sin of colonialism be set right and America be downsized!

Or at least, that is what Dinesh D’Souza thinks.

Here’s his movie trailer:

D’Souza makes his usual Fox news style claims that this documentary is objective. It doesn’t matter if you like Obama, or not like Obama, it will teach you about him! That sounds harmless right? Maybe D’Souza is reformed. Maybe he’s honestly come to his conclusions rationally right?

Nope. The birthers have given up trying to prove that Obama’s birth certificate is faked, and now, are trying to defend the theory that Obama is an anti-colonialist, socialist monster set to continue his father’s path and downsize America, robbing it of the freedom and liberty for which it stands.

There is a theory in science and philosophy called Occam’s Razor. It states that the conclusion with the least amount of assumptions is usually correct. In order for the right’s birther/socialist/destroying America theories to make sense, they require a lot of assumptions. They need to assume that Obama is only the figurehead of a large, underground conspiracy (possibly the Illuminati) working together to forge Obama’s birth certificate and take over the United States. Break out the tin foil hats folks, we’re in for it now!

There is no evidence to support these theories. The assumption is that since Barack Obama Sr. may have been a socialist and anti-colonialist, Obama Jr. must be too, is faulty. For starters, there is no evidence that Obama Sr. was anything other than a broken man following the loss of his career. Obama Jr. never really knew his father, so the likelihood of his fathers ideologies, assuming that he is indeed a socialist/communist/whatever are not likely to have been taught to him. The last time I checked there was no socialist gene either, so it couldn’t be genetic.

The forgery of his birth certificate would require the assumption that the entire government of Hawaii is trying to cover up the fact that Obama was secretly not born there, despite a lack of motive.

Critical thought requires that we look at situations and judge them using logic and evidence to come to factually correct conclusions. Coming into a situation with assumptions and a preconceived conclusion interferes with critical thought.  One can argue that they did the research, found evidence, but if the merit of that evidence isn’t looked at critically, then the conclusions drawn are fallacious.

That is the case with the  2016: Obama’s America documentary, premiering tomorrow. The trailer alone shows the propagandizing style the documentary is presented in. A viewer may watch it and hear D’Souza speak with Obama’s half brother, and assume that that somehow gives D’Souza’s claims validity. This isn’t necessarily true, and yet, it seems to make sense. That is the truth of propaganda though, isn’t it? Presenting things in such a way that makes it seem true, and logical, even if it isn’t.