Donald Trump Proclaimed ‘Statesman Of The Year’ By Florida GOP Chapter

In the Twilight Zone inhabited by those on the right, up is down, night is day, Obama wants to enslave everyone and Donald Trump gets a ‘Statesman of the Year’ award from the Republican Party of Sarasota County. Really.

That’s right, the unrepentant birther with the really bad hair has earned high praise from Sarasota GOP Chair Joe Gruters, who told Talking Points Memo, “He’s a sage, skillful and respected leader” who is doing “all he can to take our country back. At the end of the day, he’s one of the few people in the country who can command respect from people of all walks of life.”

The award, which has previously been given to former Florida Governor Charlie Crist back in the day when he was a Republican and former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, will be bestowed upon Trump at a dinner on August 26. More than 600 people are expected to attend and will be shelling out anywhere from $150 to $1,000 for a fancy “executive” ticket that will include a meet and greet and a picture taken with the newly hatched Republican “statesman.”

What is up with Republicans these days? First you have deadbeat dad Joe Walsh being honored by Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council for having a 100 percent pro-family voting record, despite the fact he was over a $100,000 in arrears in child support and refused Congressional health insurance even though it left his current wife with a pre-existing condition uninsured. Then, in the aftermath of the Gabby Giffords shooting, the Pima County Republican Party thought it would be a great idea to raffle off a copy of the same gun used in her shooting. Their candidate for president is a guy who made his money by buying up and breaking apart companies and shipping American jobs overseas.

And they think all this is good?

Guess it makes perfect sense that Donald Trump would be their Statesman of the Year. I wonder if he’ll invite Mitt to appear on The Apprentice after he loses the election. It’s the least the Statesman of the Year could do.

Personally, as long as the Republicans are handing out awards, I think that they have overlooked an obvious contender, the true leader of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh. Is there a “Blowhard of the Millennium” Award available? Actually, perhaps Rush and The Donald could share that one.

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