Ted Nugent Thinks We Might Be Better Off If The South Had Won The Civil War

Huff Post Politics reports that in his tirade written for the right leaning Washington Times, Ted Nugent has posited that perhaps we would be better off had the South won the Civil War. Wow, Ted, you really are off your rocker!

Calling Chief Justice John Roberts a traitor for upholding Obamacare, Nugent rants that ‘smothering era of socialism’ programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and now Obamacare, has bankrupted or will bankrupt the United States. What he fails to acknowledge, what all of those on the right fail to acknowledge, is that the runaway spending of the Bush administration, coupled with tax cuts to the wealthy, huge corporate loopholes and corporate entitlements, not to mention corporate misconduct on a grand scale are the true culprits in our current and future financial situation.

Nugent would rather have retained slavery than treat human beings with compassion. He would have preferred to continue to enslave an entire race rather than provide help to the poor who are ill, a dignified and secure retirement to our seniors, and a national health care policy that will, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, reduce the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars by 2019.

Interesting that he rails so harshly against a policy that was the centerpiece of his chosen candidate’s term as Governor of Massachusetts. This is a policy that was championed by Republicans during the Clinton administration. But now this policy, which was adopted by a Democratic president (and one who would be a slave if Ted had his way), is death to the Republic. I don’t think so. Perhaps Ted has fallen prey to a case of Cat Scratch Fever because he certainly isn’t thinking straight. That is, if he is capable of real thought at all.


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