David Pakman Interviews Navy Chaplain That Claims To ‘Exorcise The Gay’ (VIDEO)

In Tuesday’s David Pakman Show, Pakman interviewed Navy Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt and Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out.

Chaplain Klingenschmitt is a self-proclaimed Pentecostal and he claims to have successfully “exorcised” the gay from a lesbian.

Besen argues that Klingenschmitt offers “voodoo” and not real healing. He called Klingenschmitt’s religion, “radicalism and extremism,” to which Klingenschmitt laughed. Benson went on to say that Klingenschmitt is instilling “deeper shame” in people who are just fine and don’t need to be fixed.

“This lesbian will come back out of the closet if she’s not already and will condemn that action as incredibly damaging to her psyche.”

Pakman asked if Klingenschmitt could exorcise Besen,

“Well, Wayne would have to repent and he would have to consent,” Klingenschmitt said. “It’s an act of his free will to contract with the devil, and it can also be an act of his free will to renounce the devil,” said Klingenschmitt. That’s a very simple exercise that I lead people in when they want an exorcism. When they come to me for help, I say, ‘Pray with me and repeat these words: Father in heaven, I renounce my sins and demons. I invite holiness and the holy spirit.’ And if Wayne would be willing to do that, then certainly he could find hope and healing.”

Klingenschmitt goes on to quote debunked studies, including this recent study which concluded that children of parents who have had same-sex relationships were more likely to be poor. The study didn’t actually measure gay parenthood at all. Instead, it compared unsteady same-sex households to steady opposite-sex households.

Here’s the video:

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