Rick Scott’s Initial Voter Purge List Shown To Be 98.4% Inaccurate

Daily Kos reports the Miami Herald uncovered the fact that Democratic, Independent and Hispanic voters are most likely to fall prey to Florida Governor Rick Scott’s plan to purge voter rolls.

The Herald reported that according to the state’s Division of Elections, 180,000 potential non-citizens were identified by searching a database with outdated, inaccurate information. About 58% of those are Hispanics, who make up 13% of registered active voters in the state. About two-thirds of the suspected non-citizens are located in Miami-Dade, the state’s largest county and comprising the largest population of immigrants. Blacks comprise 14 percent of the list and only account for about 13 percent of the overall voter rolls in the state. Democrats are the largest group on the potential non-citizen list, comprising roughly 40 percent. They also represent about 40% of voter rolls. In stark contrast to those numbers, Republicans, who total 36 percent of voter rolls, account for only 21 percent of the potential non-citizens. Only 13 percent of the non-citizen list is white, even though whites account for more than 68 percent of Florida’s active voter rolls.

ElectionSmith, Inc., an organization that specializes in data collection and analysis, found that out of 2,625 names targeted by the Florida Secretary of State as non-citizens in thirteen counties, only 41 were removed from the rolls. That boils down to a 98.4% error rate on the part of the SOS.

When presented with the facts, Florida officials are quick to say that they don’t want to release the lists of potential non-citizens to the media because it isn’t their wish to “embarrass” those individuals: people like Bill Internicola, a WWII veteran and Bronze Star recipient. But it appears the real reason is they don’t want to embarrass themselves by making public their blatant attempt to steal another election.

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