Dear Ms. Leonhart….Marijuana And Crack Are Not The Same

I work with cancer patients, loved ones with cancer, and have lost loved ones to cancer and have seen first hand the benefits of medical marijuana. That you reject any and all scientific research concerning the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of marijuana and that you continue to undermine state laws concerning medical marijuana is a symptom of a deeper disease; obtuseness. Fortunately there is a twelve-step program for that and having done the twelve-step shuffle for years I know for fact that it works if you work it.

The video of your disease is here: I want you to watch it.

There you sit, point-blank refusing to answer perfectly reasonable questions posed to you by Representative Jared Polis, there you sit point blank refusing to acknowledge the scientifically researched and proven differences between marijuana and crack, marijuana and methamphetamine, and marijuana and heroin. That is what obtuseness looks like, but there is help. If you choose not to recognize you have a problem, and that is the issue with obtuse people, you may have to lose everything before you change. The petition below is for your own good and to stop you from further harming cancer patients and the medicinal marijuana community. Some day you will thank me. Or not.

petition to fire Michelle Leonhart

Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools, Katherine Manaan (MAWT)