Open Letter To Senator Dr. John Barrasso Re: Your Lies About Obamacare (OP-ED)

Senator John Barrasso, Wyoming

Dear Wyoming Senator Dr.

I just watched you on CNN’s State of the Union this morning. I want you to know that you just lied. I am a Wyoming citizen, one of those that you said doesn’t want the Affordable Care Act, and you lied. I want it. Very much so. My cousin, also a Wyoming citizen, is now covered under his parent’s plan as a student at UW because the ACA extended the age requirement for children to 26. My mother, father, aunts, grandparents and cousins are all insured because they cannot be disregarded because of a pre-existing condition.

You said that Medicaid patients aren’t being seen because doctors don’t get reimbursed. Also a lie, they do get reimbursed. Shame on you for spreading that rumor. I am a very ill woman whose blue-collar husband works his butt off and, still, the only insurance option I have is Medicaid. The doctors here in Wyoming believe your lies. They believe that they won’t get paid and that they shouldn’t have to accept me. My husband has to miss full days of work to make sure I can see the doctors I need to stay alive, to avoid blindness and to maintain a semblance of quality of life.

You lied. You said that people travel over state lines for care because of the Affordable Care Act. That is so very untrue sir. My family travels over state lines because you lie to our doctors and make them feel just in their prejudice against my poverty. I am forced to go to Colorado because there, the doctors know that Medicaid is profitable for them, and they treat me with Wyoming’s Medicaid dollars just fine. They get paid, they have fine offices with nice decor, well vacationed doctors and nurses with nice homes.

You should know that this Wyoming citizen, at least, sits in tears wondering what your Hippocratic oath meant to you this morning. Your lies, your policies and your politics literally make me sick – and I think that you know that this is the result for poor people in your state. What kind of doctor are you? What kind of Representative are you? I’ll tell you what kind – a disgraceful lying kind. You must profit greatly from your behavior, I have no idea how else you might justify it.