GOP: Hungry Like the Wolf

Are we sitting vigil at the death of democracy? All the evidence points to it. It’s been happening for a long time and we are in the end game.

A little history:

In the 2000 election, Jeb Bush purges voters from Florida rolls to gain the advantage for his halfwit brother. The Supreme Court installs George W. Bush as the 43rd president of the United States.

Intelligence is ignored, we are attacked on September 11, 2001 and an era of fear begins. There are those who believe this was not an accident.

The invasion of Iraq under false pretenses ushers in the wet dream of the Military Industrial Complex: a war machine in place to reap unimaginable profits on the backs of the American people, who in so many cases are gung-ho for the travesty of Iraq.

Massive tax cuts for the wealthy and two wars off the books siphon off the surplus left by President Clinton.

Insane loans made to people who can barely fog up a mirror—and some who have great credit but are too trusting or too uninformed to ask the right questions—packaged and sold as “securities” and wagered against by the banks that sold them.

Right Wing judges appointed to the Supreme Court, insuring a majority.

It all comes crashing down in 2008 and George Bush happily skedaddles out of town, leaving a mess to the newly elected, and absolutely despised by the Right, black president.

Even with a Democratic Congress, Republicans manage to hamstring legislation by invoking the filibuster in a nearly constant fashion.

Using the flood of funds unleashed by the Citizens United decision, Republicans manage to convince the American public they made a mistake electing Obama and in 2010, a new wave of certifiable lunatics enters Congress and things get even worse.

So here we are. Mitt Romney goes on television and around the country spewing outright lies in his campaign speeches and even when the media reports that they are lies, he doesn’t care and continues to give voice to the lies. In Wisconsin, where Democrats are in the majority, an unpopular governor wins by a huge margin, with union households and union members giving him their votes. In California, a proposition to add a $1 per pack tax on cigarettes that was ahead by two thirds just a couple of months ago has most likely been voted down. We won’t know for certain until all the absentee ballots are counted but that really isn’t the issue here. Right now, Prop 29 is defeated and it should have won by a landslide.

What are the connecting threads? There is only one. MONEY. Money to turn things on their head. Money to make a lie the truth. Money to outspend the opposition, no matter what the issue, no matter what is good for the people of this country.

Rules of thumb:

  1. When you hear a Republican screaming about freedom, it isn’t your freedom that is at issue. That’s up for grabs. It’s their freedom to continue to profit from the misery visited upon the American people.
  1. When you hear Republicans ranting about “activist courts,” they are not talking about their beloved Republican judges who are the most activist we’ve seen in modern times.
  1. When you hear Republicans preaching about “morality,” they are preaching the politics of hatred and repression against gays, women, immigrants and anyone else who doesn’t share their poisoned philosophy.
  1. When you hear Republicans bemoaning the lies told by the Democrats, you can be sure a big lie is about to spill from their lips.
  1. When you hear Republicans rant and rave about the “union special interests” and would have you believe the unions can compete monetarily with the likes of the Koch Brothers, you have to know that THEY ARE LYING.
  1. This is for those on the Right (who I know are lurking and waiting to pounce). When you hear the Republicans scream about the Democrats taking away your guns, you’d better think about this: when they take it all, when they achieve total control, thanks to you, they will find a way to convince you to surrender your weapons. They WILL do it. And then, once that is accomplished, they will strip you of everything: access to healthcare, retirement benefits, decent working conditions, food stamps (because you take advantage of them too), unemployment benefits—the whole enchilada—because their disdain for you may be more pronounced than their disdain for liberals because you are the sheep who were so easy to control. And you will be left defenseless.

We are bearing witness to the destruction of the American Dream. We are sitting vigil at the demise of our democracy. The Feudal Lords are winning. They have no allegiance to any country or anything other than the accumulation of more wealth and more power.

It is up to us to stop them, for if they win in November, we are screwed. What their supporters don’t realize is that they will be screwed right along with us liberals.

We don’t have the money edge, but we do have the numbers edge. What we CAN do, what we MUST do is rise up and do our own lockstep and demand that our Congressional representatives do the same. It is said that trying to get Democrats to agree on things is like herding cats. It’s time to go Clint Eastwood on them with a touch of Gandhi. It is time to stop being an armchair activist and get up on your feet and go out and GET THE JOB DONE. This is our last chance.

Burning the ground, I break from the crowd
I’m on the hunt, I’m after you
I smell like I sound, I’m lost and I’m found
And I’m hungry like the wolf
Strut on a line, it’s discord and rhyme
I’m on the hunt, I’m after you
Mouth is alive with juices like wine
And I’m hungry like the wolf

Duran Duran

Ann Werner is a blogger and the author of two thrillers and co-author of two reality books. You can see her work on ARK Stories.

You can find her on Twitter at MsWerner and on Facebook at Author Ann Werner