Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Approval Rating Free Falls, President Obama Now More Popular In The State

Here’s a lesson for Republicans: When you try to strip voters of their rights, it pisses them off. Governor Rick Scott’s attempts to purge eligible voters from the rolls has angered the citizens of Florida. Even Republicans have a problem with this clearly unconstitutional and devious plot to weaken democracy. In fact, Scott has managed to find himself with an incredibly low approval rating in the wake of the voter purge scheme. The newest PPP Poll hands Scott a 31% approval rating, while 56% disapprove. His numbers are so bad that Republicans would rather see a little known Democrat named Nan Rich defeat Scott in the next election.

In other good news for Democrats, President Obama now enjoys a six point lead in Florida over his Republican opponent Mitt Romney, according to an NBC Marist Poll. And seeing as how the voter purge is mostly targeting Hispanics and African-Americans in the state, I can imagine this lead only increasing as these two groups, especially Hispanics, discover that Rick Scott and Republicans don’t care about their rights at all. So overall, Democrats are seeing very positive numbers in Florida. Keep up the good work, Rick Scott! You’re the best player on the Democrat’s team.