Conservative Funded Sterilization And The Deafening Silence From The Right

The right has been “pro-life” since the 70s when they realized that it would make a fantastic wedge issue. This affected “belief” system dictates that abortion is a no-no and contraception is immoral. I say “affected” since they seem to be more than willing to make exceptions when it suits their purpose.

For instance, can you imagine the outcry if a rich liberal like the dreaded George Soros funded an organization that paid drug addicts money to have a medical sterilization procedure? What if the same organization also promoted the use of contraceptives among the same group? Bear in mind, the current conservative position is that unintended pregnancies are a “consequence” of sex and that sidestepping it through any means, even one as benign as preventing the pregnancy from occurring at all, is “immoral.” Rick Santorum made this explicitly clear, and the GOP, as well as the general conservative movement, did almost nothing to contradict him.

For further consideration: the ceaseless attacks on Planned Parenthood are ostensibly about abortion but it have been proven that abortion is actually a very small part of what PP does. It doesn’t matter, they provide contraception and abortions and are therefore a big fat target in the GOP’s war on women (that they swear doesn’t exist).

So, we can conclude with a high degree of certainty that a liberal funding a group that advocates sterilization and birth control for addicts would be immediately and loudly attacked.

But apparently the same does not go for rich or famous conservatives. The hypothetical sterilization organization is very real and it’s called “Project Prevention.” It’s funded, in part, by Richard Mellon Scaife. Scaife is not the well-known influence that the Koch brothers are but he is just as important. He’s provided a massive amount of money for right-wing organizations over the years.

From the Washington Post:

By compiling a computerized record of nearly all his contributions over the last four decades, The Washington Post found that Scaife and his family’s charitable entities have given at least $340 million to conservative causes and institutions – about $620 million in current dollars, adjusted for inflation. The total of Scaife’s giving – to conservatives as well as many other beneficiaries – exceeds $600 million, or $1.4 billion in current dollars, much more than any previous estimate.

Scaife is known to have provided significant monies to the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and  the Cato Institute. Each of these are right-wing think tanks that have shaped the conservative movement for decades. Scaife is not a flash in the pan idiot celebrity like Donald Trump, his influence is pervasive.

Curiously, for a right-wing organization that has been around for 15 years and is associated with a prominent conservative as well as Dr. Laura Schlessinger, another right-wing mouth piece, Project Prevention hasn’t attracted the ire of the “pro-life” conservative movement. And, yes, Project Prevention is a right-wing group. Here is their stated goal:

The main objective of Project Prevention is public awareness to the problem of addicts/alcoholics exposing their unborn child to drugs during pregnancy.

Project Prevention seeks to reduce the burden of this social problem on taxpayers, trim down social worker caseloads, and alleviate from our clients the burden of having children that will potentially be taken away.

“Burden of this social problem on taxpayers” is not considered part of the liberal lexicon. It is, however, very much part of the conservatives’. So we can dispense with the accusation that Project Prevention is just like Planned Parenthood. The point is that, whether you personally agree with Project Prevention or not, the silence from the right is deafening.

Should this particular story gain traction, look for the intense mental contortions conservative commentators will have to perform to claim it’s OK to give birth control to drug addicts, but not to rape victims. It should be quite a sight to behold.

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