Church Where Four-Year-Old Sang ‘Ain’t No Homo Going To Make It To Heaven’ On Lockdown

Pastor & Mrs. Jeff Sangl of the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle Church

A church in Indiana has allegedly been receiving harassing calls after a video showing a four-year-old singing a homophobic song, to a standing ovation, went viral. From LGBTQNation:

An Indiana church is on lock down and its pastor has left for an undisclosed location after a video recording surfaced this week of a toddler singing an anti-gay song at the church altar, that included the lyrics, “Ain’t no homo going to make it to heaven.”

Members of the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle Church in Greensburg, Ind., on Wednesday told media outlets that the church’s office has been receiving harassing calls and its pastor received death threats at his home since the video was posted on several LGBT blogs and subsequently went viral.

Here’s the video:

Children singing in Church to enthusiastic… by f100001838231867

The church has placed this statement on its website:

The Pastor and members of Apostolic Truth Tabernacle do not condone, teach, or practice hate of any person for any reason. We believe and hope that every person can find true Bible salvation and the mercy and grace of God in their lives. We are a strong advocate of the family unit according to the teachings and precepts found in the Holy Bible. We believe the Holy Bible is the Divinely-inspired Word of God and we will continue to uphold and preach that which is found in scripture.

Addicting Info does not condone threats and we believe that the cause of equality is far better served with a message of tolerance, even toward those who are intolerant. It’s one thing to expose those who hate and to call them on their hate. It is another thing entirely to threaten them. We don’t need to give them reason to believe that they are right about supporters of the LGBT community.

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