14 Year Old Kenneth James Weishuhn Had More Courage Than Me (VIDEO)

Compared to 14-year-old Kenneth James Weishuhn, I am a coward. I waited until I was 48 years old to come out of the closet. (I’m now 56.) As a self-sufficient mature adult, I didn’t feel quite as vulnerable to rejection from my family and friends as I did at earlier periods in my life. After years of being a celibate adult who was living a lie, I had everything to gain and not all that much to lose.

That’s not the case though when you are 14-year-old teen living in middle America. Kenneth James Wishuhn bravely made the choice to tell the world the truth about his sexual orientation a few months ago. But this past Saturday night (4/14/2012), after weeks of being bullied for being a proud, young gay man, Kenneth decided he had had enough. The small town of Primghar, Iowa woke up Sunday morning to learn that it had one less citizen.

Kenneth was confronted with bullying face to face and on his own Facebook page. The South O’Brian Community High School freshman also got ridiculing text messages on his own cell phone. It proved to be just too much. Kenneth made another decision with more dire implications.

Kenneth’s funeral will take place this Thursday, April 19th at 10:30 AM, Thursday, April 19th 2012 at the Grace Lutheran Church in Primghar, Iowa. In the few days since he left this world, some of the people who loved Kenneth put together a video in his memory.

Here’s the video:


Would you consider doing something in memory of Kenneth James Weishuhn? Go see the movie Bully. Take others with you; encourage others to see it. Please. Only through education and cooperation can we bring an end to this deadly plague.